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Everyone Loves Guitar

We sit down and talk with interesting professional guitar players, and find out what makes them tick. Uncover the backstory behind your favorite guitar players and behind the "sidemen" who make the wheels spin for artists worldwide. If you love guitar, stick around… you’re in the right place.

Jan 27, 2020

Emotionally compelling story about surviving Hurricane Katrina and how the series of events that sprang from this, shaped and changed his life… including a 4 ½ year move to New Zealand, and falling back in love with playing live. Collaborating with Tiffany Pollack on his 2nd LP and the difference in the recording process, understanding others, becoming more adaptable and compassionate and more. Relaxed and candid:

Eric Johanson is a solo blues artist with 2 LPs, he also has two other projects in Emptyself (electronic 2 LPs) and Cire (2 prog rock LPs). He started playing in bars at age 14, has performed with Tab Benoit, Cyril Neville, Mike Zito, Anders Osborne and others. 

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