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Everyone Loves Guitar

We sit down and talk with interesting professional guitar players, and find out what makes them tick. Uncover the backstory behind your favorite guitar players and behind the "sidemen" who make the wheels spin for artists worldwide. If you love guitar, stick around… you’re in the right place.

Sep 29, 2020

Sadler lost his dad from alcoholism, at age 18… and on his 21st birthday, his mom died from breast cancer. 10 years later, Sadler is the lead guitarist on a major national tour… he’s won a grammy for Best Americana Album… has released two solo albums, and just produced his first album for another artist…

Sadler was kind enough to take us on his journey from beginning to end & talks about how he made this transition and what helped him through the dark days. He also reveals his biggest business and personal wins - and they are both very exciting. Check out this intense and compelling interview right now:

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