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Everyone Loves Guitar

We sit down and talk with interesting professional guitar players, and find out what makes them tick. Uncover the backstory behind your favorite guitar players and behind the "sidemen" who make the wheels spin for artists worldwide. If you love guitar, stick around… you’re in the right place.

Feb 25, 2021

Jimmy talked about some deep shit here, including the incredibly difficult and stressful childhood he had. Frankly, how he managed to overcome it and be the incredibly kind, gentle and nice person he is today, is nothing shy of a miracle. He also had a tremendous role model in his mom, who not only was his emotional rock, but his musical inspiration, as were his two sisters.

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One of the hottest, up and coming funk guitar players, Jimmy plays with the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio and he’s also the lead guitarist and music director for True Loves. Both bands are out of Seattle, and both are as groovy and funky as a greased porcupine in heat